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I’m a passionate freelance writer, recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer with a strong appreciation for culinary aesthetics. As a freelance writer with a B.A. in English and certificate in technical writing, I have a wide range of experience and fluid writing style. I love combining storytelling with engaging imagery, and developing unique, comprehensive recipes.

Recipe Development

Have a product you think I’ll love? Creating and cooking unique, delicious recipes focused on incredible products is my passion! I will develop an original recipe featuring your product, develop a full blog post featuring 2-6 photographs, and links back to your companies’ site.

Social Media Influencer & Product Giveaways

Check out what I’m doing on Instagram and Twitter! This is a great platform for me to showcase your product or event to my followers.

If you believe you have a product that would be a good match for me, I can try it out and we can develop an exciting giveaway via my blog or social media channels to drive traffic for your company.


Planning a photo shoot for your brand/product? Working on a recipe shoot and need a helping hand? Let me employ my keen artistic eye and styling techniques to ensure your product or meal looks delicious and beautiful! 

Freelance Writing and Photography

I would love to work with you as a freelance writer and/or photographer. I have been freelance writing for a variety of companies for several years. My flexible style and range of experience means I can create a variety of content that best suits your companies’ style and needs! 

Feel free to contact me with any business inquires! 



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