• Healthy
  • Maple Roasted Carrots

    This is to be the first—of I hope many—spring side dish recipes that I put together this season. I’m always looking for simple sides to complete a meal. I’ll spend hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration, while I’m already cooking the main course. So I decided it would be wise and sensible for me to […]

  • Beef
  • Korean Gochujang Ragu

    I’m not sure what inspired me to use Korean Gochujang in a pasta dish. Granted, I’m never entirely sure of the origin of inspiration behind many of my dishes. A memory or dream? A bad dining experience reimagined? A fun fusion of genres? Necessity? It’s the mother of invention after all. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting […]

  • Comfort Food
  • Bloody Mary Soup

    Something magical happened the other day. I believe the thunder and lightening had something to do with it. You could feel the energy in the air—electric with potential. With the cold, stormy weather we’ve been having, I’ve been in soup mode. I’ve made a several soups this week alone. But the other day I was […]