• Breakfast
  • Ramen Breakfast Toast

    So I know I’m really late in the game with this one. Ramen buns exploded on the food scene quite some time ago. I just never got around to making them, which is rather shocking considering how much I go on and on about ramen in general. You think I would have jumped at the opportunity […]

  • Ramen
  • Pho Ga Miso Ramen

    Ramen is my spirit animal but I suppose pho could be considered a spirit guide. These two soup genres somehow standout above all other soups I’ve had thus far in life. Something about the broth (which can vary greatly for ramen), the noodles, the aromatics—everything comes together in a way that causes me to momentarily forget […]

  • Ramen
  • Fall Vegetarian Ramen

    Now while I plan to someday soon dabble in the rich, intoxicating flavors that come together in a bowl of legitimate tonkotsu ramen, it’s quite an undertaking to get it right. I feel that crafting my spirit animal warrants some serious dedication and focus. In the meantime I am content to create and experiment with […]