Passion Fruit Breeze & Tropical Palomas – Vacations in a Glass

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things. –Henry Miller

And when you’re looking at glided glasses filled with tropical libations, it’s hard to imagine you’re not actually seaside on a sunny strip of sand on a distant tropical isle. Today’s post was sponsored by Williams Sonoma and Broken Shaker, but all opinions, words, and wishful thinking are my own.

I want to get away. I need a vacation. I have to get out of here. How often do you find yourself dreaming of escape? For me the desire is constant but manageable. A gentle stream of longing with the intermittent surge of desperation; I’ve really got to get away! I’ll admit I’m a bit restless, I love to travel, and I’m decidedly out of place in the smoggy city I (don’t) call home. At night I dream of wandering the winding streets of Venice, roaming the moors of Scotland under a cloudy sky, or making my way through a dense and lush forest in some remote corner of another country.

During the week I find opportunities to transform the ordinary or mundane. On a good day I can pretend I’m miles and miles away. Warm afternoons make way for island daydreams while I lounge in a hammock (aka the couch) with a good book in hand. A sudden breeze takes me to the shores of a white sandy beach (along with the help of a coconut scented candle). I’ll play music to bolster the façade. I’ll cook food or mix drinks to compliment the illusion. It may sound a bit much but there is something about finding time to relax during a hectic week and making the most of what you’ve got.

Does anyone else out there do this? Picnic in the park and pretend you’re lunching on a Tuscan hillside? Hop in the kitchen to make sangria and patatas bravas while imagining you’re enjoying Barcelona’s nightlife? Am I the only one trying to elevate the everyday? I’m a dreamer. I’m ok with that.  If nothing else, it’s a good exercise in my capacity for creative visualization.

Summer is still months away but sipping on tropical cocktails makes the season all the more tangible. And for me it’s the best of both worlds—we all know I prefer winter weather anyways! I teamed up with Williams Sonoma to try out their new cocktail mixers created in partnership with Broken Shaker. I decided to try out a few flavors and create some sultry beverages with their fun glassware inspired by Cuba and the tropics.

The Broken Shaker Floridita Tropicale is a tart and mildly sweet infusion of grapefruit, blackberry, lime, citrus oils. I paired it with some pineapple juice and tequila for a twist on the Paloma; citrusy, sweet, with a bit of salt this conjures up sweltering poolside vacations—with swim-up bars and endless appetizers. The Caribbean Tonic can only be described as an elixir; a rich passion fruit puree flavored with allspice, pink peppercorn, lemongrass, and ginger for a truly unique flavor. I combined the sweet and spiced infusion with coconut water, a splash of lemon, and rum for a beverage that brings to mind white sandy beaches and crystalline blue seas.

A vacation in a glass awaits you!

What are your favorite tropical cocktails? What would you be sipping and where, if you could be anywhere right now? Comment below.

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Tropical Citrus Paloma

Makes 1

  • 3 blackberries 
  • 2 oz. Broken Shaker Floridita Tropicale
  • 1 oz. Pineapple juice
  • .25 oz. mint simple syrup recipe follows
  • .25 oz. lime juice
  • .25 blood orange juice
  • 2 oz. tequila
  • Sparkling grapefruit water or club soda


Rim an Old Fashioned or rocks glass with lime and salt and fill with crushed ice. In a cocktail shaker muddle blackberries then combine ice and all ingredients except the sparkling water and shake to chill for about 10 seconds. Double strain into glass and garnish with citrus and blackberries.

Coconut Passion Fruit Breeze

Makes 1

  • 2 oz. Broken Shaker Caribbean Tonic
  • 2 oz. coconut water
  • 2 oz. white rum
  • .25 oz. lemon juice
  • Splash sparkling coconut water or club soda


Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. In a cocktail shaker combine ice and all ingredients except the sparkling water and shake to chill for about 10 seconds. Strain into glass and garnish with passion fruit.

Mint Simple Syrup

To make mint simple syrup combine ¼ cup water and ¼ cup sugar in a small saucepan with about 15 mint leaves. Simmer on low until sugar melts and mint infuses the syrup. Strain and allow to cool before using.

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  1. Celina says: Reply

    I have paired wooden flooring with all the glass interior. What do you think shall I buy a wooden dining table as well and then use glass cutlery. Will it look good?

    1. Celina says: Reply

      And where can I find the best drinking glasses?

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  3. This looks stunning! This is my plan this weekend, thanks!

    1. Christine says: Reply

      Thank you com much Kim! Yes! that sounds like the perfect weekend plans! Enjoy!

  4. This tropic inspired drinkware is so cute! They are the perfect housewarming gift.

    Happy Wednesday Christine

    1. Christine says: Reply

      Isn’t it so pretty! I love the look of these glasses! Feels Like Summer! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Birdie says: Reply

    Those look absolutely amazing!

    1. Christine says: Reply

      Thank you so much! These mixes really are so delicious and fresh tasting! Seriously like summer in a glass!

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