Persimmon, Thai Basil, & Lemongrass Fizz

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…—Meredith Williams (and everyone who sang it after he wrote it).

This post is sponsored by Patrón, but all words, opinions, and casual attitude towards the holidays are my own.

In Southern California Christmas is hinted at with a flurry of activity on the streets, long-awaited frosty temps (meaning 40 degrees is the low!), and a sort of glazed yet determined stare in the eyes of shoppers everywhere. People are crazed right now. Its palpable when you leave the house.  Sometimes that Christmas spirit get lost in the all the commotion.

So—surprise surprise—I elect to spend my days surrounded by the Christmas-y comforts of my home (hot cocoa, holiday movies and music, and so on) romanticizing a holiday that I feel like far too many people forget to slow down and enjoy. Let’s all take a collective deep breath everyone. It’s all going to be just fine.

But I know what you’re thinking. Christmas is upon us! Are we ready? I—as eternally seems to be the case—am not. But I’m not overly concerned about it. Insert casual shrug here. I’m just looking forward to spending time with Simon, friends, and family. But even I can’t ignore that frenzied shift in the air. The stress of preparation. The chaos of getting all the essentials for your Christmas feast. The panic of presents not yet purchased. And on that last note, Patrón has you covered.

For the host and hostess, or cocktail aficionado, grab a bottle of Patrón Silver in their One-Liter Limited Edition bottle. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Emblazoned with beautiful details inspired by the colorful ceramic and textile art of Mexico it makes for a beautiful gift. Christmas is covered. Plus, who among us couldn’t use a bit of help with all the entertaining in the days to come?

I’d like to extend my assistance there as well. I have the perfect winter fruit cocktail for you to serve for any upcoming holiday party, brunch, or get together! I chose to go with a seasonal fruit to star in this drink. Persimmons are in abundance this time of year and they never seem to get enough love. I combined fresh persimmon juice with grapefruit, Thai basil, lemongrass, cucumber bitters, Patrón Silver, and prosecco for an incredibly enticing and balanced sparkling cocktail.

Festive enough for a Christmas Eve or New Year’s party but light and refreshing enough for a holiday breakfast or brunch—this libation is the answer to every cocktail conundrum. The basil and lemongrass really pair well with the citrus and persimmon juice. I love adding herbs to my cocktails and this one is very bright and fresh! If you want to stick with tequila for your spirit, you can easily replace the Prosecco with citrus flavored sparkling water! It will be just as good, I promise!

You can find the Patrón Silver One-Liter Limited Edition bottle at any fine spirit and liquor retailer countrywide, or online at for $59.99

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Persimmon, Thai Basil, & Lemongrass Fizz


Makes 1

  • 2 oz. Fresh persimmon juice
  • 2 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice
  • .75 oz. Thai basil, lemongrass simple syrup, recipe below
  • A few dashes cucumber bitters
  • 1.5 oz. Patrón Silver
  • Prosecco


  1. Rim a Champagne glass with grapefruit juice, sugar, and grapefruit zest. Optional.
  2. Combine all ingredients except Prosecco in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  3. Shake to chill.
  4. Double strain into a champagne glass and top off with Prosecco.
  5. Garnish with grapefruit and Thai basil.


To Make the Simple Syrup

  1. Combine 15 leaves of Thai basil, three lemongrass stalks trimmed, and sliced lengthwise and in half, 1 cup water and one cup sugar in medium saucepan.
  2. Simmer on medium heat until liquid reduces by about half.
  3. Strain out solids and allow to cool before using.
  4. Store syrup in the refrigerator until ready to use.
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  1. Wow, there are all sorts of interesting flavors going on in this cocktail and I think I would love it! I am going to have to give this one a try.

    1. Christine says: Reply

      Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! I absolutely loved these drinks and I bet you would too! One of my favorite cocktail recipes.


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