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Help me wish Makayla a happy 7th birthday!

Update 4/12: After trying both alternative cancer treatments, followed by rounds of steroids and chemo, Makayla’s tumor is not responding to treatment. With the tumor growing she has had several ups and downs. While this news is disheartening to say the least, Makayla is still pushing forward, resilient as always. Her family is currently focusing on her diet and another means of alternative treatment in efforts to heal her.

The last year has been a tumultuous and heartbreaking journey for her and her family but there have been many bright spots along the way. Today I’m writing to let you know how you can be a part of another special moment. Makayla turns seven on April 28th and I’d love your help in wishing her a happy birthday!

Want to be a part of Makayla’s birthday? Simply do the following:

  • Shoot a short video of you, your friends and/or family wishing Makayla a happy birthday!
  • Tell her you name, where you are from, and any other well wishes you’d like to pass along.
  • Email videos to by Friday April 21st.

That’s it!

These videos don’t have to be anything fancy. Just a simple happy birthday will make her day!

Email me with any questions. If you’d prefer to send a written message, email that to me as well and I will be sure she gets it.

Simon will be helping me put together a little slideshow of all your birthday wishes to send her way. Having people (even people she doesn’t know) wish her well always brightens her day. If you’d like to spread the word to anyone you know I’d be so grateful. I need your help to make this a special day!

Thanks friends!


Update 2/15

Makayla (center) with her mother and little sister

Makayla is still undergoing chemo treatments. Her mom says she has good days and some bad. She is currently a Girl Scout and still attending school, and just enjoying life. Right now her biggest ambition is to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower–where these Parisian aspirations came from I do not know! 

UPDATE: 1/11/17

From Makayla’s Go Fund Me Page Last Month:

“We wanted to thank everyone for alway showing so much support. Thanks to all the wonderful donations Makayla has been able to get many months of treatment from a great doctor in Texas. We received a call from them reporting that the tumor was no longer responding to the treatment. The tumor has grown and we had to change her treatment. 
We meet up with doctors and Makayla will go back on chemo tomorrow. We pray she is able to tolerate the chemo this time around.”

After months of good news, this was a devastating blow. But we still have hope. I was able to spend time with Makayla and her family this past Christmas. I’m happy to say that after her first round of Chemo she was doing well and in good spirits. However, it’s an ongoing battle. I just want to say thank you on behalf of my family and hers for all the help and support we’ve received in the past several months. Alternative treatment or not, we could not do this without all of your compassion and help!


Hello Friends! If you follow me on Instagram you most likely have already seen my dear friend Makayla Borg. She is six years old and is fighting off an inoperable pilocytic astrocytoma (brain tumor). I’ve known Makayla her whole life and I would do absolutely anything to help her and her family out.

You can read more about Makayla & her diagnosis down below…

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to stop by and read this! 



More About Makayla

Makayla’s Treatment

Makayla is six years old and lives with her family in Fairfield Ohio. She has an older brother Tyler who is 9, and a younger sister McKenzie who’s going on 2. Makayla was recently diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma.

After several operations to insert drainage tubes and reduce swelling, Makayla underwent chemotherapy for about two weeks and it ravaged her body and spirit. Fortunately her parents were able to get her into an alternative treatment clinic in Houston, Texas.

At the Burzynski Clinic Makayla’s parents can purchase treatments and bring them to their home in Fairfield Ohio. Which means she can attend school with her friends, be a part of The Girl Scouts, and get well at home! She gets check ups every few months to make sure everything is on track. The best part about this treatment is it seems to be working thus far and has none of the harmful side effects that come with chemo or radiation. After one month of treatment there her tumor shrank a very small amount but is also 34% less active which means it is dying off.


Makayla entered my life at about two-months old when her parents enrolled her in my family’s daycare. She won us all over with her joyful demeanor even in infancy. The other children gravitated towards her and my brother, sister, and I adored her from day one. Even after they relocated from California to Ohio, she remained a part of our family along with her siblings and parents. I love her like a sister.

My family and I visited Makayla earlier this summer after we learned of her diagnosis I was blown away by her feistiness, strength, and courage. When faced with the pains of surgery and endless hospital visits she responded by smiling and asking for prayers. When faced with losing her hair from treatment she responded by preemptively shaving her head to donate her hair to other children. When faced with all the ways in which cancer would forever change her life she responded with “I’ll be different on the outside, but I’m still be the same on the inside”.

Even on the bad days Makayla manages a smile. She comforts her parents when they are overwhelmed—ensuring them that everything will be ok. She fights off her body aches and pains and spends time playing with her older brother Tyler and little sister McKenzie. Words are inadequate when trying to describe the courageous light inside such a young person. She inspires me with her bravery in the face of such pain and struggles.

The road to her recovery is long and costly. Her family needs help to provide Makayla with the long-term treatment she will need for such an aggressive form of cancer. She has a go-fund-me page set up and her family has organized several fundraisers but they need all the help they can get.

Ways you can help!

Simply spread the word! This is probably the most helpful thing of all. Getting the word out there is key to help Makayla raise the money she needs.

Makayla also has a go-fund-me page for donations that you can visit and share on Fackebook.

Her family and mine are also so grateful for any prayers, well-wishes, positive vibes, or good energy! Whatever you want to send her way!


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