Weekly Favorites: Stress Relief & Inspiration

Hey there! Here is the first of I hope many regular posts where I share links to recipes, blogs, Instagram accounts, or must have items that I’m currently loving. Each week I’ll compile a list of my favorites, things that reflect anything from my mood, the season, or whatever other theme currently echoes my state of being.

I’d like to say that I am in no way being sponsored for any of this weeks’ links! If in the future, a sponsorship is involved I will fully disclose it. And please know that I would never post something here I didn’t truly love or believe in!

This week for me has been all about combating stress and seeking inspiration. When I’m having a rough week I’ll often turn to inspiring recipes, photography, blogs, or Instagram accounts. Often I find there will be a certain genres of music that I’m drawn to or a particular band that I cant get enough of.

If you visit my Pinterest page, it’s full of boards with titles like Gray Skies and Fog, La Mer, and Alfresco. Here you can find countless beautiful images that offer me some semblance of peace when my brain is on the verge of implosion.

Seeking out beauty and inspiration and comfort are my favorite ways to let stress and anxiety melt away and in turn stimulate my own creativity and motivation. Where do you turn to de-stress and to find inspiration?

Here are This Week’s Top 5 Favorites!

Husbands that Cook – Venetian Peach

Ryan and Adam from Husbands that Cook are not only two incredibly talented home-cooks, but two of the kindest and fun-to-be-around people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their company alone is enough to put me at ease. All week long I’ve been dying to make their Venetian Peach Cocktail, which is essentially afternoon sunlight restrained in a champagne glass! Plus, what better way to unwind than with the perfect cocktail? It’s sunshine on your cloudiest of days! Visit their blog for countless, beautiful recipes you’ll be tempted to recreate immediately.

Linda Lomelino – Easy Stone Fruit Tarts

Linda Lomelino (@linda_lomelino on Instagram) is one of my favorite food blogs/Instagram accounts to follow! Her IG account and blog are replete with dramatically lit imagery that is hauntingly beautiful and seductive in its moodiness. Anyone who can evoke that kind of feeling and atmosphere with food photography is a must-follow in my opinion!


I’m currently reading—ok I’ve been reading for quite some time now—Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. While this isn’t a light, easy read that you pick up to clear your head, it is a fascinating examination of the wild woman archetype throughout myths and stories across cultures and history. Any time I’m feeling overwhelmed I open this up and turn to an insightful tale emphasizing the inherent aspects of all us wild women. Someday I’ll finish the whole thing!


Even though I am an unapologetic coffee addict, I actually love a good cup of tea. I love the Yogi brand teas for their aromatic herbal spice blends and their nifty little inspirational tea tags. I always have a box of Kava Stress Relief in the house…because I am literally a ball of stress! It’s in my DNA! I love the warm cinnamon kick this tea offers and drink it on late nights or right before bed!


My moody temperament this week needed an anthem to match. I love the UK based band The Heavy and I currently can’t get enough of their 2012 album The Glorious Dead. Be Mine is a particular favorite! Also, they are playing in L.A. this month…

so if anyone wants to take me…




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