Weekly Favorites Fall Edition

The wind that moves through the trees is crisp. The air is cool, electric even. The morning sun is obscured by backlight clouds. Birds flee south, leaves begin to turn, and my mind settles a bit. This time of year always feels momentous to me. Everything becomes sharp, clear, and focused. My jumbled way of thinking gives way to clarity and purpose. My breathing slows, my body hums in accordance to the shift in the air. The colder weather invigorates me. If ever there was a person placed so inaccurately on the globe it is I.

I mean, I have Viking blood in my veins. I belong in the north. I belong in the snow. I crave the cold. I pray for icy winter rain and howling wind through skeletal trees, and days that falter in the abrupt and sudden night. Most people smile and shake their heads at my wild romantic notions of cold and gloomy weather. They say I’ve never lived in such conditions. They say I’d never like it for very long.


But it’s in my blood. Even as a child I prayed for storms and cold. I imagined myself living against an icy, bleak backdrop, amid ancient trees, frozen seas, and eternally gray skies. I idealized the notion of living remotely, in a small cabin, with a wood burning stove, and piles of books, a dog at my side. I was a solitary child prone to lengthy, autumnal or wintry daydreams. Not much has changed…

There is a special sort of magic reserved for the fall. It is different than that of a temperate and gilded springtime afternoon when everything is vivid, green, fresh, and alive. It’s different than a balmy early summer’s eve when the sunlight is amber and tangible, and forever seems like a fleeting possibility. Fall is sleepy and cool. And yet it’s also warm and electric. If the feel of fall is crisp and cold the scent is warm and spiced. The nights bleed into the days and there seems to be potential for something I’ve yet to place my finger on, in all my years of ruminating. That perhaps is part of the allure. The mystery. The inability to pin down, with any certainty, what exactly the season brings. Is magic to fanciful a word?

Duke made a rare appearance…

Yesterday was first official day of Fall! Now in Southern California, fall and winter aren’t all that different from spring and summer. If we are lucky there is some rain, the temperatures cool, the mornings are crisp. But these aren’t seasons like other people experience seasons. Right now, I’m pretending the forecast isn’t promising sunshine and humidity. I turn away from the sunlight and draw the blinds *cough * vampire! * cough* If I could use filament bulbs throughout my apartment I would in order to mimic that afternoon glow reserved for autumn. I also have today’s post simmering away in the crockpot.

So enough with the rambling, here are my Friday (Fall) Favorites!

Fall Crockpot Potpourri


A blend of fruit and spices meant to evoke through scent all the wondrous temperaments of fall. Never mind the reality of Los Angeles—it smells like fall in my home. I can feel that shift in the air. Even in the hottest weather you can feel it. And even if you can’t this simple slow-cooker potpourri can encourage the sentiment! Simply combine fragrant ingredients like oranges, sage, cloves, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, ginger, and anything else you desire in your crockpot. Add enough water to cover and let it simmer away on low!

Netflix Fireplace for Your Home


Have you seen this delightful Netflix gem?! A roaring and crackling fireplace right on your TV screen! It’s perfect if like me you don’t have a fireplace. I desperately miss the one at my old place. But determined to make the best of my Los Angeles situation I crank up the AC and play this round-the-clock whenever I want to feel as though I’m hiding from a cold and gloomy day!

Hocus Pocus


I have a date with Winifred, Sarah, and Mary tonight! I don’t care how old I am or how old you are, this movie is everything! I always try to hold off watching it all year round so I can truly enjoy it in its intended setting—a chilly fall evening! It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and still remains so to this day. The Sanderson Sisters were my idols and I had a total crush on Thackhery Binx. Witches, magic, talking cats, zombies, romance, small-town east coast charm, FALL—this movie has everything! Max, aka Hollywood, had it all wrong. His move from Los Angeles to Salem was the best thing to ever happen to him. I’m still jealous… Find a copy. Watch it. Relive your childhood, or mine!

Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Issue


Every year for the past seven or eight years, Simon has bought me the Halloween issue of BHG. Halloween has been my favorite day of the year since I could talk. I won’t launch into a love letter to October yet but suffice it to say that Halloween is the most revered holiday in my family home. I love thumbing through the new issue (and old because I save ‘em) getting inspiration for home décor and festive eats. It’s become an annual ritual. Once fall comes around, I make a hot mug of something spiced and spiked to drink, curl up on the couch, and look for ways to transform my home!



Yeah, socks…I like to wear socks around the house as I have perpetually icy feet. Bad circulation. I have tons of socks; funny ones with hot sauce, kale, or mermaids and narwhals all over them. Some are thick and fuzzy, some are plain and simple, but I have a ton of varying pairs. Right now I am coveting this ridiculously essential pair of cable knit cashmere socks made in Scotland. They look so soft and comfy and I need them more than oxygen! They are a mere $62.00, which I sadly can’t afford to spend on socks right now…but if Scotland Shop wants to send me a pair I wouldn’t be mad about it!

Displaced Houswife

Displaced housewife Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

I know baking isn’t only reserved for the holidays. Well, it is if you’re me and still hesitant to branch out even with recent successes… For whatever reason baking reminds me of fall and no one on Instagram is currently giving me more bakers’ envy than Rebecca from @DisplacedHousewife! Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the above Pumpkin Streusel Muffins?! Besides being very kind, very funny, and a part of my awesome Instagram fam, her recipes, styling, and photography are both inspiring and beautiful! I someday hope we can hang out and she’ll teach me how she makes her incredible dishes seem so effortless. I’m convinced she possesses some of that fall magic I mentioned earlier. Follow her on Instagram to fall in love with her feed and get the above recipe and so many more—both sweet and savory—on her blog!


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  1. Turner says: Reply

    Wonderful read! I love fall as well! Thank you

  2. Awwwww, thanks Christine!!! You just warmed my heart!!! I can’t wait to hang out in real life–hopefully very soon!!! I love this fall roundup — pinning it now!! xoxo

    1. Christine says: Reply

      You are so welcome Rebecca! You really are an inspiration! I love what you do! And it sounds like we might be getting together really soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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