Lifestyle…An Evolution of What Do You Crave?

…because I crave all sorts of things…

Dear Friends,

Welcome to this nifty, new little side-section of the What Do You Crave blog! I have wanted to create a lifestyle section on the blog for quite some time, I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. So I finally just decided to dive in headfirst…which may prove ill advised, as I don’t really know how to swim.

Why am I doing this you ask?

You all know I have always loved cooking for and feeding my friends and family. Once I created this blog I realized how much I enjoyed writing about food as well. That is in part because I have always loved writing. Ever since I was a child I would write stories, poems, essays, mean-spirited letters to my parents when I was angry at them—ahem—and so on.

In school I majored in English and relished every opportunity to write a research paper or essay on a book or text. I love words and writing! So I began to wonder how I might be able to find other ways to evolve my passion within this space.

What do I plan on writing about you ask?

That remains to be seen! Right now I envision this lifestyle section as being a place for travel writing, restaurant reviews, product reviews on my favorite kitchen tools or simply items I enjoy in my everyday life. I want to include a weekly round-up of the blogs, recipes, Instagram accounts, and anything else I’m particularly loving at the moment. My goal is to remain centered very much on food, cooking, eating, and the kitchen but I’m open to whatever might come my way.

I might include the occasional rambling creative piece—like this one about my trip to Venice, which you can find here. I might even write more about myself and my daily struggles with depression and anxiety. I’m not sure what I might divulge. I’ll have to see what direction this all takes me.

Why should you care, you ask?

That’s the best part! You absolutely don’t have to! This section won’t detract from all of my culinary pursuits. You won’t see a decline in recipes or food posts. What Do You Crave is still a food blog…only now there is an annex to house my other cravings. My lifestyle posts will pop up on my home page but I will maintain a separate lifestyle section for those of you who are only here for the food! You don’t have to read any of this. You might think it’s a ridiculous venture and be mocking me as you read along. That’s ok! I understand.

This is just a path I’ve felt the need to wander down for some time now and I’d be remiss if I turned the other direction without exploring it a bit first. So that’s pretty much it. If you never read another lifestyle post on here again I’ll still love you and hope you’ll continue to follow along with my food adventures! If there is anyone out there still reading, thanks for making it this far! Leave a comment below or don’t. A new recipe is coming up shortly!

Your eternally hungry friend,


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