Linguini with Avocado Sauce OR Avocados + Pasta = The Secret to Life

Hello my friends. Have you ever made avocado sauce pasta before? Well I hadn’t, so I’m treating the whole thing like a religious experience. It’s the biggest revelation I’ve had since facing the thought of my own mortality at the tender age of ten.

It was Earth Day this past Friday and I wanted to make something festive and green. I happened to have a bunch of ripe avocados—and we all know that avocados have a barely cracked window of opportunity when it comes to usability. They spend the majority of their life (life being the time of their conception on the tree until they are ripe) being unfit to eat. Then they are edible for about 45 minutes. I made a scientific pie chart to demonstrate:

Avo Pie

After that they quickly meet their demise. Life is impermanent. Anyways, these guys seemed perfect so I had to act fast. I cut them open and they were so creamy and green and beautiful I thought they’d go great with pasta. I had some bacon and thought I’d make a simple lemon bacon and white wine sauce, somehow incorporating avocados. But then I thought, why not make the avocados into the sauce?!

Earth Day Avo Pasta

I decided to treat them like a pesto. I pureed them with garlic, lemon juice, basil, olive oil, and salt and pepper. While it tasted great something was missing—and as usual that something was spice. I wanted some heat in there and didn’t want to ruin the gorgeous green hue so I used some  Formosa Jalapeño Hot Sauce. It was the creamy subtle kick necessary to take this dish to the next level.

Earth Day Avo Pasta-2

Now I know I ended up topping this with bacon and a fried egg—partially for the fun of it, partially because bacon and runny yolks people! But this avocado sauce was incredible on its own. It was rich, creamy, and almost buttery in texture and flavor. The bite from the raw garlic and freshness of the basil really came through.

It’s so decadent it feels like you are eating something wildly unhealthy. Added bonus: you’re not! Added, added bonus: you can eat it cold! I brought some leftovers to a friend and she didn’t even bother warming it up, saying it was perfect chilled, especially with this hot valley weather I’m still struggling to embrace.

This dish was incredibly simple and easily one of the most delicious meals I’ve created in a while. The effortlessness and the use of quality fresh ingredients made it exceptional and I sometimes forget that rule. This is why it’s the secret to life! A gentle reminder to keep things simple. If you haven’t tired avocado pasta sauce yet and you like avocados, get to it!

Earth Day Avo Pasta-4

Linguini with Avocado Sauce or Avocados + Pasta = The Secret to Life
Serves 6
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  1. 16 oz. prepared pasta
  2. 3 small-ish avocados
  3. 2-3 Tbsp. lemon juice
  4. About 1 cup basil leaves
  5. 1 garlic clove
  6. 4 Tbsp. olive oil
  7. 4 Tbsp. Formosa Jalapeño Hot Sauce (or more, that’s just what I had)
  8. Salt and pepper
  9. Optional Toppings
  10. Bacon
  11. Pancetta
  12. Salmon (I think this would be awesome!)
  13. Fried egg
  14. More hot sauce
  15. Parmesan cheese
  1. Prepare pasta according to package instructions, drain and return to pot or a large bowl.
  2. In a food processor combine avocado, lemon juice, basil, garlic, olive oil, hot sauce, salt and pepper. Purée until creamy and smooth, scraping down the sides a few times if necessary.
  3. Toss pasta with avocado sauce being sure to mix well. Serve as is or with your desired toppings.
  4. Enjoy!
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  1. This looks amazing and I need to make this STAT! Wait, no. I need to make this in a few days when my avocados are ripe. But no words were truer spoken than those about the timing of avocado ripeness. Too often do I open them a minute too early or too late, and then rage ensues over a ruined avocado. Anyways, I had a revelation while admiring your photos – this is basically the most perfect adult version of green eggs and ham. Yes? You’re welcome. Haha and thank you for yet another inspiring meal!

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