Camp Crystal Lake Fireside Cocktails

I’ll never forget the slow-motion shot of Mrs. Voorhees’ head spiraling over Crystal Lake, having just been decapitated with a machete. It’s a pretty breathtaking scene (when viewed at 11 or 12) in what is widely considered one of the first real “slasher” films of its kind. My next favorite, is the final scare when young Jason grabs unsuspecting Alice and pulls her into the water. I recall nearly jumping out of my skin at that scene. I loved it. The rest of the film, if you have somehow never seen it, is a blend sex and violence and unwitting young people, in true slasher film style. But it’s a wonderful film to watch in October and the only one of the whole franchise I’ll watch over and over again.

Fun Fact: Simon’s family once owned the lot where Jason is blown to smithereens in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Good stuff.

I remember watching those ridiculous counselors aimlessly meandering towards their inevitable, violent demises, but being more caught up in wondering why on earth anyone would want to be a camp counselor. Better yet, why would anyone every want to go to camp? I never went to camp as a kid. I’d take this time to thank both of my parents profusely! Thank you Mom and Dad!

I’m terrified of spiders, I hate communal sleeping (I didn’t even like sleepovers), using a bathroom in the woods, organized group activities, sports?! Ugh! I’d rather spend my summers reading and writing and contemplating my existence. Which I did; I was a very unusual child.

In any event these are the things I caught myself thinking about when I watched Friday the 13th—occasionally pulled from my ruminations by a startling death by ax or arrow. So, having never really had a true camping experience (I’ve still never been) I did my best to make this next cocktail in my Halloween Horror Series reminiscent of sitting around a campfire, telling ghost stories, and whatever else you do at night in the woods.

So on to ingredients! I have been absolutely obsessed with Glossop’s No. 5 Smoked Sugar Syrup. It’s perfect for so many sweet recipes this time of year, which I know sounds crazy coming from me, a self-proclaimed savory food addict. It’s just that good. It has an intense smokiness that complements so many flavors. I knew it would be perfect in my homemade dark hot chocolate, which in and of itself is evocative of camping and being outdoors on a cold fall night! It made me feel as though I was sitting around a campfire, my face awash with the glow of firelight, waiting for a machete wielding-maniac to chase me through the forest. Perfection…

I decided to pair the smoked syrup and chocolate with Heritage Distilling’s Elk Rider Bourbon—which is incredibly smooth and complements the flavors of the drink perfectly. 

Now while you may not have a hockey mask, machete, or fake blood lying around like my family does, I promise you don’t need them to bring this campfire cocktail to life. These spiked, smoky, hot chocolate drinks are perfect for late-night October viewings of Friday the 13th or just an afternoon indulgence on a rainy day (which I’ll probably never see again living in Southern California). Rimmed with crushed graham crackers and topped with a giant toasted marshmallow it’s essentially an alcoholic S’more in a cup—those libertine Crystal Lake Counsler’s would most definitely approve.

Camp Crystal Lake Fireside Cocktails
Serves 4
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  1. 10 oz. dark chocolate, chopped (I had 90% cocoa which is very bitter and needed a a lot of sugar to sweeten it, but you can use whatever chocolate you prefer).
  2. 4 cups milk
  3. 2 Tbsp. Glossop's Smoked Syrup
  4. 6 Tbsp. brown sugar (you cand use white but I like the flavor of brown sugar and be sure to use less if using a sweeter chocolate!)
  5. ¼ tsp. garam masala, optional
  6. 4 oz. Heritage Distilling Elk Rider Bourbon (1 oz. per drink)
  7. Chocolate frosting for rimming the glasses
  8. 3 graham crackers (6 squares), crushed
  9. 4 large marshmallows
  10. 4 bamboo skewers, cut in half for roasting marshmallows
  1. In a medium saucepan heat milk, chocolate, and garam masala on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until chocolate is melted.
  2. Add in sugar a few tablespoons at a time being sure to taste test as you go. The amount of sugar you’ll need will depend on the kind of chocolate you use. If not using 90% cocoa do not dump in 6 Tbsp. sugar. You will be really sad with the outcome.
  3. Crush graham crackers in a Ziploc bag or in a food processor. Set aside in shallow bowl.
  4. Next rim four mugs with chocolate frosting, I used about ¼ tsp. per mug. I suppose the smoked syrup may have also worked but I was worried it might melt or run.
  5. Dip mugs in graham crackers until well-coated.
  6. Pour 1 oz. bourbon and an even amount of hot chocolate into each mug and stir.
  7. Skewer marshmallows and toast over your stove burner or your backyard fire pit or fireplace if you really want to set the mood!
  8. Place toasted marshmallows on top of hot chocolate and enjoy!
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  1. Lori (southern girl eats) says: Reply

    These cocktails 😍😍 and your thoughts on the movies. Sooooo much exactly how I always felt. I went camping once in my life (to impress a guy *insert eye roll here Haha *) and its not on my list to ever do again. I do love bonfires and parties around bonfires but when it’s time to sleep- give me a bed and a real roof and comforts of home.

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  3. Christine, I love these (minus the hockey mask & bloody dagger!)

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