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  • Ribollita


    “We were fortunate in our sky, which was well veiled in clouds, and occasionally darkened by mists…every connoisseur in the beauties of nature will allow that, as a rule, clouds and very frequently obscurity greatly aide a landscape.” —James Fennimore Cooper on his preference of an overcast day to observe a landscape. I couldn’t agree […]

  • Hot Dogs
  • Thai Inspired Hot Dogs

    Thai Hot Dogs-7

    The hot dog is a wonderful vehicle for a wide array of toppings and can adapt to many food genres. Whether enjoyed with a classic stripe of mustard and ketchup or topped with tater tots, bacon, an egg, and maple mustard—I did do that once—it’s a humble food that can be elevated by the ingredients you […]

  • Drinks
  • Hibiscus Berry & Mint Iced Tea Cocktails

    Hibiscus Strawberry Iced Tea-3

    It’s Friday friends and it’s warm and overcast here in Cincinnati. Which I actually prefer–give me a summer rainstorm and I’d be in heaven. No matter where you are or how hot or cold it is, fear not, I’ve got us all covered! Is there a better way to cool off on a hot (currently humid) summer […]